1. How would you describe yourself? Check all that apply.
I have a disability.
I have a child with a disability.
I have a sibling or relative with a disability.
I have a friend or neighbor with a disability.
I interact with people with disabilities at my workplace.
I do not know anyone with a disability.

2. If you or a family member has a disability, which of the following supports might help you participate more fully in congregational life or meet a personal need? Check all that apply.
Additional support to participate in:
Worship services
Bible classes
Children programs
Youth programs
Adult programs
Forms of support and services:
Companion or Partner
Small or Independent Bright Kids Classroom Setting
Additional Accommodations/Materials
Respite care (e.g., offering a periodic break to parents of children with disabilities):
To attend worship service
To participate in other congregational activities
Accessible scriptural or other study materials

3. As we consider new ways of welcoming people with developmental or other disabilities into our congregation, would you be interested in learning more about how you might serve in any of the following ways?
Serving as a companion or partner during congregational activities
Inviting someone with disabilities to sit with you during worship service(s)
Inviting someone over for a meal and fellowship periodically
Joining the Bright Kids ministry team to improve our welcome to people with disabilities
Serving as a children's or youth Bright Kids teacher
During class
During worship service(s)
Serving as a helper or buddy to a person with disabilities during children's or youth programs
Serving as a helper or buddy to a person with disabilities during bible classes
Serving on the team that reviews and acts on the responses to this survey

4. If you would like to talk further about the information you provided on this survey, please let us know your name and the best way we can contact you.
I am interested in services for myself or my family member.
I am interested in inviting a friend or neighbor with a disability to attend services and activities.
I am interested in volunteering to help people with disabilities.

5. Are there any questions, concerns, or comments you would like to share with us?