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“End Zone Living”

Posted on: February 5th, 2016 by Chuck Ball No Comments

Since training camp began, several months ago, Peyton Manning has been living with his eyes fixed on the end zone. The end zone is that area at both ends of the football field that every football player wants to enter so he can score a touchdown and hopefully help his team to a victory. Since today is known as Super Bowl Sunday and millions will be watching one of the most highly anticipated sporting events of the year, I thought I’d write about “End Zone Living”. For Manning and I’m sure all football players, end zone living is about daily preparation. From studying film and defenses to the many hours they put in on the practice field. This is end zone living because all of the time and effort is ultimately about getting into the end zone as many times as possible. Obviously the team that gets into the end zone the most wins the game. The apostle Paul practiced end zone living. Paul’s end zone living had nothing to do with football or scoring a touchdown. Paul simply lived every day with the end in mind. He knew this life is temporary and brief so he made sure he was spiritually prepared for the “end zone”, or death. “For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain.”(Phil.1:21) No matter if you’re a football fan or not, we all need to practice “end zone” living. We need to live every single day with the awareness that this could be our last day. We need to do the things every day that will draw us nearer to God. Just as Peyton Manning spends countless hours every day preparing to somehow get the football into the end zone. We Christians should spend time preparing for the end of this life by spending time with God reading His Word and in prayer with Him. Proper preparation for “end zone” living for the Christian should also include time worshipping God and time with our brothers and sisters in Christ. As you enjoy the game, let’s keep our focus on our eternal “end zone” and live every day to reach that goal.

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