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Children’s Ministry Coordinator Job Opening

Children’s Ministry Coordinator Job Description
Seeking an energetic and passionate leader having the ability to educate and lead as well as the willingness to work with and assist the Deacon of Children’s Education Ministry and other team members to coordinate, organize, and implement the ministry serving children from birth through 6th grade.  This will serve as a foundation of spiritual development for future disciples in this congregation. The Children’s Ministry Coordinator will help create a vision and goals that aligns with the church’s mission statement:

  • Prepare God’s people for service
  • Develop God’s people spiritually
  • Glorify God through spiritual worship
  • Share the Good news of Jesus with others
  • Promote Fellowship with one another

1. Coordinate Early Childhood, Pre-School, and Elementary/Middle School Ministries/Curriculum

  • Recruit, train, and coordinate teachers and helpers for children’s bible classes
  • Select curriculum, child discipline, classroom groupings,
  • Ensure continuity of curriculum throughout Bible Classes/Bible Hour, and PHASES
  • Actively teach within the ministry
  • Act as a resource to assist teachers
  • Work with Ministry Leaders to implement Children’s Bible Hour
  • Assist in the leadership training program (G.O.L.D.) for older children (4th­6th grades)
  • Ensure continuation of Bright Kids program to accommodate children with special needs

2. Coordinate VBS and other children’s activities/outreach programs sponsored by the congregation

  • Vacation Bible School (theme and curriculum/volunteer recruitment)
  • Kids for Christ (activities and outings)
  • Trunk or Treat
  • Group summer camp
  • Family outreach activities
  • Reaching and assimilating new families/visitors into the Children’s Ministry
  • Ensure ease of transitioning (with the Youth Minister) the children into the youth group
  • Assist helping families in need to access appropriate resources

3. Additional Responsibilities

  • Follow safety, security, and sanitation procedures and protocols
  • Maintain attendance records and follow up with absences as necessary
  • Maintain Children’s Education Ministry section of church website and social media outlets
  • Maintain open lines of communication with parents/guardians
  • Work with Deacon of our Children’s Education Ministry to plan and maintain annual budget

Qualifications and Experience:

  • Bachelor’s degree or relative experience in the appropriate discipline (Children’s Ministry, Child Development, etc.), or Children’s Ministry Certification
  • Commitment to continuing education through conferences, workshops, classes, etc.
  • Have knowledge of child development and educational practices to best meet needs of children
  • Effective communication skills (written, verbal, and interpersonal)
  • Able to use various forms of technology

Personal Characteristics:

  • Possess a deep, intimate relationship with Christ
  • Display Godly character represented by a servant’s heart practicing spiritual disciplines
  • Feel a strong calling to ministry
  • Possess the ability to work with people from diverse economic, social and spiritual backgrounds
  • Self-motivated
  • Possess good organizational skills
  • Serve as a role model, mentor and leader
  • If married, spouse must be supportive

This job description is intended to be a listing of the main responsibilities of the position. It is understood that this description may change as the needs of the congregation change.

Submit all resumes and correspondences to: