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Sunday Worship: 8:30am - 10:45am - 5:00pm Bible Study: Sunday 9:45am - Wednesday 7pm
Cabot Church of Christ

Bright Kids


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Our congregation is called to have an impact on the Cabot community. We desire to be an inviting church that is intentional about finding ways to worship among, mutually support, and serve alongside people with disabilities and their families in fellowship. We invite you to help us realize this vision.

Do you know people with disabilities who might want to be part of our church family? Do you, or a member of your family, have needs that we can help meet or support we could provide? Or would you like to help welcome and support people with disabilities and their families into our faith community? Your answers to this brief questionnaire will help us identify steps we can take to become a congregation known for showing God’s love and hospitality.


Outreach Survey

If you have any private concerns, questions, or comments feel free to contact the office at or (501)843-5688. Kelby Bolling and Holly Tapscott oversee this ministry.